Deliberate v.6

added: russian winter
added: condensed milk
added: bortich
added: modern anime + many anime studios
added: holograms (don’t use Negative)
improved: macro
improved: cracks
improved: pupils
improved: all types of moist arts
improved: color balance
improved: fingers and toes
improved: much less random watermarks
expanded: supermarket goods (less round shapes)

added: condom
added: lube
added: panties on the floor
added: panty pull
added: foot fetish, feet in focus, closeup
added: kuray (Kate Kuray)
added: ass gape

Deliberate v.5

improved / added: MUCH better selfie
improved / added: printed circuit board
improved: color balance
improved: eyes
added: snegurochka
added: kulich
added: 200mm

Deliberate v.4

less small drop earrings
less navel piercing
boosted: shocked, surprised
improved: fingers
improved: toes
improved: dragons
improved: liquid art
improved: transparency
improved: art deco
improved: art deco pattern
improved: art deco photo
added: covid molecule
added: ink art
added: gzhel
added: salo
added: wafer (sweet russian waffles)
added: tula pryanik
added: honey spoon
added: krasnodar sauce
added: shashlik on skewer

added: ahegao
added: belle delphine
added: pokies
added: cameltoe
added: cameltoe, closeup
added: cameltoe, leggings
added: knees together
added: pussy, closeup
added: pussy, extremely closeup
added: blowjob, deepthroat
added: blowjob, side view
added: facial
added: doggystyle, pov anal
added: full nelson

Deliberate v.3

Improved roads
Improved food
Improved thrones
Improved hospitals
Improved lobbies, rooms, offices…
Improved miniature objects
More looking at viewer with different angles
More weight control
More age control
More poses
More clothes
More hairstyles
More proper nudes
Much More reflections
Much More details
Less random tattoo
Less random huge breast
Less random watermarks
Extremely bright / dark images without special LoRA’s

Deliberate v.2

More skin texture
More light
More proper shadows
More background details
More CFG Scale usage range
More speed (≈ 4% faster)
Less fingers issues
Higher resolution
Removed all non-diffusers weights
Add NMKD support
Add InvokeAI support

Deliberate v.1.1

Includes VAE
So it doesn’t matter if you enable VAE or not, it’s already in

Deliberate v.1



The license type is CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. If you want to use Deliberate on your service and/or for commercial purposes, message me on Discord. If you are an individual, not a commercial organization, there are no restrictions for you. The philosophy is very simple – private individuals provide support for the model, not companies, so private individuals can do anything. When using the model and any derived materials, it is mandatory to credit the author.